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You're Activated! Let's Get Setup

  1. Download the Dolly Helper app
    The Dolly Helper app is available for download through the iOS App store and through Google Play. If you're an iOS user, make sure to watch the video below. There may be an extra step in the process. 

  2. Enter PayPal information
    Enter your PayPal information in the Helper app to receive payouts for completed Dollys. Check out Payments 101 for additional information.
  3. Review Helper & Hand Resources
    Helper & Hand Resources will be available in the Dolly Helper app, in the More section.

The Dolly Helper App

  • You can request to work on Dollys in the app. Our Support team does not manually assign Dollys to Helpers & Hands.
  • If you are scheduled on a Dolly, the amount shown in the red box of each Dolly is the amount you receive if it's successfully completed. Teams consisting of a Lead Helper and their Assistant will see one payout.
  • If a Dolly requires 2 Helpers, a solo Helper or Hand can still request it. The Helper app will do it's best to pair an additional Helper or Hand.
  • When requesting Dollys, there may be an option to split a payout 50/50 with another Helper.
  • A flexible time window will be shown for each Dolly. When requesting a Dolly, you will need to select a 30-minute window to arrive at the customer's location. For example, if a customer's flexible time window is from 8am to 3pm, this does not indicate that the Dolly will take 7 hours. The time window just indicates when the customer is available. 
  • Confirmation emails and / or notifications (depending on preferences) will be sent to Helpers that are scheduled. If you don't receive a confirmation email, check the app for notifications or the Scheduled tab.

Dolly Routed Deliveries

  • Routed deliveries include 2 or more Dollys scheduled for the same day as part of the route. In this case, Helpers & Hands can easily build their schedule without needing to request each Dolly separately.
  • Routed deliveries occur during expected peak times of the week or season. Examples include weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and end of month.
  • Check out the Routes section of the Helper app or login to your Helper Dashboard to view them in your browser.

Additional Resources

Navigating the Dolly Helper App

Payouts 101


Relist Penalties

Apartment Moves

General Questions

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