Ratings are a two-way quality measurement system at Dolly. Customers are able to rate their Helper or Hand and vice versa. A Helper or Hand's overall rating is an average score of the ratings on each completed Dolly. Ratings can also help understand how satisfied customers are based on their experiences with their Helpers and Hands. Rating and reviewing is optional.

Dolly monitors ratings and reviews to ensure a consistent and great experience for everyone who engages with our platform. Higher ratings indicate ideal customer experiences which can lead to better tips for Helpers and Hands.

Improving Ratings

Ratings are subjective to each customer, however there are certain factors that will help get achieve a higher rating.

Factors can include:

  • World class customer service
  • Great communication
  • Handling items with care
  • Arriving on time
  • Good vehicle condition (Helpers only)
  • Attention to detail and efficient
  • Having the necessary equipment

Rating Scale

Customers, Helpers, and Hands are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. A rating of 5 indicates an excellent experience whereas a rating of 1 indicates an unsatisfactory experience.

Rating a Customer

  1. Once work on a Dolly is completed, the Dolly needs to be marked as complete in the Helper app.
    Note: Depending on the Dolly type, a Hand will need to wait until the Lead Helper marks the Dolly complete.
  2. Once a Dolly is marked as complete, each Helper and / or Hand will get a notification through the Helper app with an option to submit a review of their customer
  3. Helpers and Hands can then rate the customer and submit. 
  4. Ratings should reflect within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dolly Helper Weekly Report

Each week on Friday, Helpers receive a weekly report via email with an overall rating or average of all Dollys completed as well as reviews from customers.

What if a customer provides an unsatisfactory review of a Helper and / or Hand?

If a customer provides less than a 5-star review for a Helper or Hand, the customer is then prompted to answer additional questions so we gain a better understanding of why their experience was less than ideal. 

Can I remove a low rating or review?

Although lower scores may be received, we are unable to remove ratings or content from a review. As a reminder, ratings are an average score for Dollys completed, so one lower rating is not likely to negatively impact the overall rating.

How often do ratings update?

Ratings are updated daily. As soon as a Dolly is completed in the app, allow 24 hours for the review to reflect in the app. Additionally, feedback is provided to Helpers and Hands in the Weekly Helper Scorecard.

Where can I see my rating?

In the Dolly Helper App, ratings can be seen in a Helper or Hand's profile.

Are Assistants eligible to receive ratings?

Yes. An Assistant's reviews or ratings are included in their Lead Helper's overall rating. 

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