Can I get a helper T-Shirt?

You can order branded Dolly t-shirts and hats at cost using the link found here.

How do I contact Dolly Support?

Contact information can be found here.

I don't want to work with a specific Helper or Hands again, can I stop myself from being paired with them on future requests?

Yes, absolutely, just submit a request with our support team with the Dolly number and Name of the Helper or Hands you worked with. After you are blocked, you may still receive Dolly requests from the Helper through the app, you will be responsible for declining those.

How do I add a new vehicle / trailer or edit details about an existing vehicle?

We recently introduced Vehicle Settings in the Helper app for Helpers to manage their fleet. To add another vehicle find Vehicle Settings in the More tab (menu section on Android). 

We recommend to read through the list of things you’ll need to submit a new vehicle in the article linked here.

When all required information is completed tap Save. The vehicle will be submitted to the Dolly Helper Team for approval. You’ll be notified when it’s approved.

I am currently a Hands, how do I become a Helper?

If you are currently a Hands with Dolly you do not need to submit a Helper application. Reach out to our Dolly Helper Team by submitting a request here and letting us know you want to become a Helper. We’ll be able to help you through the process.

We will need to see proof of insurance of the truck, cargo van, or box truck you own as well as a photo of the vehicle. To help you move quickly through the process make sure to have those photos ready. 

What happens if I move or change markets?

The first step is to update your account information in app. From here, please reach out to Dolly Support by submitting a request here. At this time, we will need to manually update your account so you can see and bid on Dollys in a new market.

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