Customers have the option to indicate whether they would like Helpers to perform assembly when booking a Dolly or adding the service. If a Helper or Hand would like to assemble items on Dollys, the assembly option in the app must be selected in the app profile. Helpers & Hands will then have the opportunity to opt into completing Dollys requiring assembly.

Assembly vs. Breakdown

  • Assembly Only is intended for new items when ordered from a retail partner (e.g., a new bed frame).
  • Breakdown includes the cost of breaking down an item for moving as well as basic reassembly of the item. The item must reassembled at the customer's drop off location.

Requesting Assembly Dollys

  • For some Partner store pickups, a requirement for assembly may be listed. This indicates that the payout has already been factored in the pay amount Helpers see.
  • Helpers and Hands scheduled on assembly Dollys will be responsible for assembling the item at the final delivery location.
  • If the customer wants to add-on assembly for a new item, the assembly option can be added as an adjustment using the standard adjustment process.
  • Helpers and Hands will need to be prepared with basic tools to complete these Dollys. Basic tools include but are not limited to Allen keys, screwdrivers, a mallet, and wrenches. A full list of recommended tools can be found at the bottom of this article.

Items that have assembly listed will be indicated with 'Full Assembly' as seen below.

California Requirements

  • Helpers must remove any and all debris after assembly and dispose of it in a legal manner.
  • Helpers are required to take a photo to confirm delivery completion and or assembly and upload it in the Helper app. If the camera in the app does not allow, take a photo with your phone and submit the photo to Dolly Support.
  • Helpers must wear their own self supplied booties (boot or shoe covers) in customer's home at all times.


Can assembly be added for any item? 

Some items are beyond the scope of what we consider reasonable to assemble and may not be eligible for assembly. Dolly does not allow customers to request assembly for these types of items. If Helpers arrive to find an item is not eligible but the customer is still requesting it, contact Dolly Support to let us know.

What if the customer wants me to install their new dryer?

Assembly is not installation. Helpers and Hands are unable to perform washer and dryer installation, or any appliances as we have indicated this process is prohibited. Refer to our Prohibited Items and Processes for more information.

How are the additional assembly fees paid out?

Assembly fees are already included as a part of the Dolly price and payout. There is no additional pay for Dollys that are already marked as needing assembly since it is already factored in the payout. Item-specific pricing based on the typical assembly times is included in the quote to our customers to ensure that you are appropriately compensated for assemblies you undertake. Assembly Dollys are paid out like any other Dolly. For more information on how pay works here at Dolly, please refer to our Payments 101 article.

The customer would like their items assembled, but did not indicate it in the original details. What can I do?

Review our Adjustments 101 article for information on how to add an adjustment in the app.

Tool Requirements for Helpers and Hands

Required Tools for Assembly Dollys

This list includes a details of all tools needed to successfully complete an assembly Dolly. Links to examples of each tool are also included:

  • Screwdriver Set 
    • Phillips head with at least sizes 0, 1, and 2.
    • Flathead with at least sizes 4 and 6.
    • For both of these, a variety of neck lengths from 4" to 8" is needed.
  • Allen Key Wrench Set
    • Metric at least 1.5-10mm.
    • SAE at least 1/16-3/8ths inch.
  • Cordless Drill & Bits
    • Not only a timesaver, but sometimes necessary on assembly.
    • For bits, you should have a variety of screwdriving bits in both metric and SAE.
    • This should be comprehensive enough to cover phillips, flathead, and allen key parts listed above.
  • Socket Wrench with Metric and SAE Bits
    • It is essential to have a wrench set that is comprehensive for household needs. We recommend ratcheting, but this is up to personal preference.
    • You should have metric sockets for at least 6-18mm, and SAE sockets covering at least 3/8ths-3/4ths inch.
  • Adjustable Wrenches
    • Sometimes socket wrenches wont fit tight spaces, so you'll want to have some alternatives.
    • One option is adjustable wrenches: you should have at least one smaller one (6”) and one larger one (10-16”).
  • Lightweight Hammer
    • A lightweight hammer can be essential for some assemblies.
  • Rubber Mallet
    • A standard Rubber Mallet is required on many assemblies. Handle variety is up to personal preference.
  • Dropcloth
    • A dropcloth will help you keep track of small parts, and avoid damaging the customers floor during assembly. At least 5’x8’ to accommodate items of varying sizes.
  • Boxcutter / Safety Knife
    • Unpackaging will frequently require a sharp edge of some sort. What variety of boxcutter or safety knife you choose is up to personal preference.
  • Wet Wipes
    • Grease from screws can get on your hands and dirty the customers item or carpet! Make sure your hands are clean for moving.

Strongly Recommended Tools

  • Ratcheting Screwdriver & Bits
    • Upgrading from a screwdriver set to a ratcheting screwdriver can save your wrist and your time! Make sure to keep longneck screwdrivers onhand as well for tight spaces.
  • Combination Wrench Set
    • More accurate than adjustable wrenches, these can sometimes fit in tight spaces where the socket wont do.
  • Level
    • Can be a helpful tool to make sure the job is complete and satisfactory.
  • Electric Screwdriver
    • Smaller and easier to wield than a drill, though less powerful, sometimes this can be a preferred tool for more gentle assembly.
  • Pliers

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