Unable to complete a scheduled Dolly?

Let the customer know by messaging in the Helper app, and relist the Dolly as soon as possible.

Review our Relist resource for steps on how to relist a Dolly in the Helper app. As a reminder, relists can incur penalties and fees depending on occurrence.

Running late to a Dolly?

Let the customer know by calling or messaging in the Helper app. Provide the customer with an ETA so they know when to expect you. 

As a reminder, a pattern of lateness reports can lead to account suspension or deactivation depending on occurrence. Review our Violations resource for additional information.

Multiple trips & Adjustments

If you are unable to safely fit items in your approved vehicle in one trip, multiple trips can be made.

Multiple trips are already factored into the payout of all apartment move Dollys. Helpers & Hands must make enough trips to have all items moved from location A to location B. 

On other Dollys, the Lead Helper needs to discuss an adjustment with the customer to accommodate the extra trip. Information about completing an adjustment in the Helper app can be found in our Adjustments 101 resource.

What if an item is damaged on arrival or is damaged through transport?

  1. Before starting the Dolly, after arriving at location A, communicate to the customer that damage is present before transporting the item.
  2. Taking a photo of the damaged item is highly recommended.
  3. When the Dolly is in-progress, in the Helper app, select the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Add Photos and take a photo.
  5. Select Choose Image to upload existing photo(s) from your phone's photo gallery.
  6. Select the option Send these photos to Dolly Support so we can document the information.

Tolls, Bridges, & Gas Expenses

Toll roads, bridge tolls, and gas expenses are factored into payouts for Helpers & Hands. We are unable to offer additional compensation for tolls, bridges, or gas expenses.

Parking Expenses

Dolly does not pay for parking expenses or tickets and citations. Helpers must determine parking availability ahead of time and follow all local ordinances. Helpers & Hands can also ask their customer where to park while working on a Dolly.

Customer or other scheduled Helper or Hand no-shows

If a Dolly is in-progress and the Customer or Helper / Hands does not show up at either location, you should contact Dolly Support by following this link here.

At Location A: All scheduled Helpers & Hands must wait 30 minutes for the customer (or seller) if they are expected to be present. If the customer fails to arrive after the 30-minute time window, contact Support. Customers are not expected to be present at the pickup location or location A for store deliveries.

Note: If the other scheduled Helper or Hand does not show up within the scheduled timeframe, you must wait 30 minutes before proceeding to contact support.

At Location B: All scheduled Helpers & Hands must wait 30 minutes for the Customer to arrive. Contact support know if the customer does not show up. 

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