As a Helper or Hand, relisting yourself from a Dolly indicates being removed completely from that Dolly including pay. Relisting will also remove all scheduled parties from the Dolly.

Relists of any kind create a terrible and confusing experience for our customers, other Helpers, and Dolly Support. 

Be advised of the seriousness of relist penalties and the effect they have on customers and other Helpers. As you know, moving and delivery is already a stressful experience. 

Relist Penalties & Fees


  • Relists are tracked on a running total of a Helper or Hand's past 50 Dollys .
  • Relists occurring 7 days or more prior to a scheduled Dolly will not incur a penalty or fee.
  • Important: If any apartment move Dolly is relisted within 72 hours of the scheduled start time, a $50 relist fee and penalty will be assessed. Do not attempt to request Dollys booked as apartment moves if you do not want to incur the penalty and fee for relisting. 
  • Disputes for relist penalties must be submitted in writing to the Dolly support team within 24 hours of relisting to be considered for a waiver.

How to Relist a Dolly

Best Practice: We highly recommend sending a message to the customer to let them know before relisting.

Step 1: Access the Helper app.

Step 2: Locate the Schedule tab and select the Dolly to relist.

Step 3: Click on the ellipsis menu (three dots) in the upper right.

Step 4: Select Relist this Dolly.

Step 5: Choose a reason as to why you are relisting the Dolly.

One-Hour Grace Period

If a customer makes an edit or update to a Dolly, scheduled Helpers & Hands will have one-hour to relist the Dolly without incurring a relist penalty or fee if they are unable to accept to the changes.

  • The scheduled Helper & Hand will receive a notification in the Helper app and / or an email with details of changes made.
  • If a customer makes an update to the Dolly outside of business hours (9pm-7am), the one-hour grace period for relisting starts at 7am and ends at 8am local time. 

Issues After Arriving at the Customer's Location

If a Helper or Hand is at a Dolly location and needs assistance, reach out to Dolly Support before relisting. Next steps may be provided by our team. 

Relisting a Partner Route: Select Markets

Routes or routed deliveries consist of multiple Dollys usually booked through a Partner. These Dollys are not treated as individual Dollys. If a Dolly is relisted for a route, the entire route's Dollys will be relisted and Helpers may incur penalties based on the cumulative number of relists.

What Happens When the Other Helper or Hand scheduled Relists the Dolly?

  • When a Helper or Hand relists, both scheduled parties are relisted. The Helper or Hand who doesn't relist will not be charged any fees.
  • A new search will be initiated to fulfill the customer's Dolly. No action is needed.
  • The Helper app will find Helpers or Hands that meet Dolly requirements.
  • Be advised that other Helpers requested may have settings that affect receiving Dollys.
  • If or when a Helper or Hand is relisted, do not reach out to Dolly Support to be rescheduled. Our Support team will be unable to fulfill any Dolly assignment requests.

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