What is a prohibited item and why is it important? 

Dolly is committed to providing best in class service to all our customers through our Helpers and Hands, and want to first and foremost keep everyone safe and all items secure. While we know Helpers and Hands have a “can do” attitude, there are certain items that Helpers and Hands should not move.

Note: It is the responsibility of a Helper or Hand to know which items and processes are prohibited and what to do before completing Dollys. 

Which items or processes are prohibited?

Prohibited items and processes can pose a safety risk if our Helpers and Hands don't identify and alert Dolly support before completing the work. These risks can include but are not limited to weight limits, size of items, or the nature of items being transported.

For prohibited processes, Helpers and Hands may be able to transport the item but due to the process involved to complete the Dolly, is prohibited. For example, we can move a washer, but disconnecting or assembling the washer is prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am on a Dolly, and an item or process is prohibited?

If Helpers and Hands are on a Dolly with prohibited items or a prohibited process:

  1. Do not attempt to move the prohibited item or complete the prohibited process.
  2. Inform the customer that Helpers and Hands are unable to move the item due to safety restrictions.
  3. Take a photo (this is required).
  4. Let the customer know you will contact Dolly Support immediately.
  5. Contact Dolly support from the Helper app with details of the issue.  

Important note: If at any time a Helper or Hand does not feel safe completing the job or feel at risk of damaging items, do not complete the job and reach out to Dolly support immediately.

Can I uninstall or hookup an appliance such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator on a Dolly?

No, Helpers and Hands can not disconnect or connect any gas, water or electrical lines. Dolly does not provide this service and scheduled Helpers and Hands will be responsible for any damage claim that may result in doing so. Helpers and Hands can inform the customer that appliances will need to be disconnected by someone else prior to transporting them.

If Helpers and Hands arrive at a Dolly and the gas, water, or electrical lines are still connected:

  • Inform the customer that Helpers and Hands are unable to move the appliance unless gas, water, or electrical lines are disconnected, and follow the 5 steps above.

Helpers who ask for additional compensation will not be compensated for completing prohibited processes.

Repeated reports of this nature will result in additional action taken on your Helper or Hand account, and could lead to account deactivation.

Will I still be paid if an item or process is prohibited and I am unable to complete the job?

Helpers and Hands must follow the 5 step process outlined above to receive compensation. If it is determined that the item or process is indeed prohibited, compensation will be provided.

A Helper and Hand may will be held liable if they do not follow the steps or complete a prohibited Dolly, damage a prohibited item, or have issues that result in completing the prohibited Dolly.

Will I be held accountable for prohibited items if I do complete the job?

Helpers and Hands have agreed to and signed terms in the Dolly Helper agreement that they will be held responsible for damaging items, materials, etc. if they voluntarily proceed with a prohibited Dolly.

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