Defusing Customer Situations

In worst case scenarios customers can become angry or frustrated when damage occurs. This can often be a tough position. This article attempts to lay out a few of the tools you can use to navigate conflict or challenging situations that may arise when completing Dollys.


Imagine how the customer feels when their items have been damaged. Try to relate to their feelings and frustrations. 


Take ownership and make a sincere apology for the incident that occurred.


Assure the customer that this will get handled as we strive to make sure customers feel valued.


Confirm with the customer they understand the next steps. Make sure they know that the Dolly must be paid within the app to start the claim process. Make sure they understand and you understand action items moving forward.

Selectively Agree

Attempt to make statements that both you and the customer can agree on. It is important to value customers' opinions while also providing reasonable tangible solutions.

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