Dolly highly recommends that Helpers and Hands have GPS or the location setting turned on while using the Helper app and working on Dollys. For any issues that may arise, Dolly support must be able to verify arrival at a customer's location.

If a Helper or Hand's arrival or location cannot be verified by Dolly support, it is the responsibility of a Helper or Hand to provide a document, such as a photo, to confirm arrival. Requests as such must be submitted within 24 hours after the scheduled Dolly.

Important Note: Double payouts will not be issued. If a Dolly is reset, Helpers will get either a cancellation fee or normal payout.

Waiting Period

Helpers and Hands must wait 15 minutes after their scheduled time block for the customer. The waiting period can total up to 45 minutes minimum. After the 45 minute period ends, Helpers and Hands can contact Dolly Support for next steps.

Additionally, at location B, or drop off, Helpers and Hands must wait a minimum and total of 30 minutes before proceeding to contact Dolly support.

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