Key Terms

Team: A Lead Helper and their approved Assistant. No more, no less.

Assistant: An individual who has been approved to assist the Lead Helper on a Dolly.

Lead Helper: A Helper who has one or more approved Assistants for Dolly's platform.

Dolly Helper App: The mobile app from which the Lead Helper requests and completes Dollys and communicates with the customer.

How to Find Dolly Details as an Assistant

  • Assistants will not have access to the Helper app. The Lead Helper is responsible for providing details and the location of each Dolly. Contact the Lead Helper for this information.
  • The most important information needed:
    - Date and time (subject to change)
    - Address of pickup and drop off locations
    - Type of work involved. For example, delivering a couch, providing 2 hours of labor, etc.
  • The Lead Helper is responsible for starting the Dolly when work has begun and stopping the Dolly when work is completed.

Assistant Pay

  • The Lead Helper is responsible for compensating their Assistant for each successful Dolly completed together. 
  • The Lead Helper will complete any adjustments made to a Dolly and submit through the Helper app.
  • For tax reporting purposes, the Lead Helper is responsible for their Assistant as a subcontractor.

Assistant Guidelines & Recommendations

  • ​​Important: Assistants cannot begin work on a Dolly without the Lead Helper present at the location.
  • Important: Assistants cannot start, stop, and complete work on a Lead Helper's behalf.
  • Important: Only the scheduled Lead Helper and the Assistant can complete a Dolly. Assistants cannot bring any additional person to a customer's location on a Dolly. This includes other Helpers and Hands that are approved.
  • Footwear: Close-toed shoes (i.e., sneakers, boots, etc.) for safety. Do not wear flip-flops, dress shoes, sandals, crocs, etc.
  • Clothing: Clean shirt, jeans, pants, shorts.

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