How do I add an Assistant?

Note: If you are a Lead Helper who needs to add an Assistant, refer to the Teams 101 article.

Can a Lead Helper still complete Dollys without their Assistant?

Lead Helpers will have have 3 options when requesting jobs. They can request jobs with their Assistant, choose the option to be paired with another Helper or Hand, or request a specific Helper or Hand.

Important Note: If a Lead Helper requests and accepts a Dolly with their Assistant, they must show up with an Assistant. 

Can a Lead Helper have multiple Assistants?

Lead Helpers can add multiple Assistants. Each Assistant must have the Assistant application link shared for them to apply. Only 1 of the approved Assistants can arrive to complete work with the Lead Helper on any given Dolly.

What if a Lead helper send their Assistant to complete jobs on their behalf?

Each scheduled Lead Helper AND their Assistant must be present at scheduled locations. Dispatching the Assistant or allowing multiple Assistants to complete the Dolly instead of the Lead Helper will lead to account deactivation.

What if my Assistant quits?

If you no longer have an Assistant, request to have your Team status removed so that you can still request jobs as a solo Helper.

How does a Lead Helper keep track of their approved Assistants?

Since Assistants are subcontractors to a Lead Helper, the Lead Helper will need to keep track of their approved Assistants.

How do Assistants get paid?

Assistants are subcontractors to their Lead Helper and will not receive direct payment from Dolly. The Lead Helper is responsible for compensating the Assistant.

As an example, Lead Helpers may pay their Assistant around 35% of pay for a Dolly.

Will the Assistant have access to the Helper app?

Assistants do not have access to the Dolly Helper app and will rely on their Lead Helper for communication about job details.

Can Helpers bring an unapproved person if their Assistant is unavailable?

The use of any person other than an approved Assistant while on Dolly's platform will result in deactivation of your account. Any unapproved person(s) present is a violation of the Dolly Helper agreement, subsection (f), Your allowing any person other than a Dolly approved Subcontractor to be present when performing or assist you to fulfill Requests.

Bringing an Assistant to a Dolly that they are not scheduled on is also not permitted.

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