Helpers & Hands are required to submit documents to verify their identity, vehicle insurance (Helpers only), and business ownership (if applicable).

  • Helpers must submit a profile photo, driver's license, and a valid vehicle insurance policy.
  • Hands must submit a profile photo, and a government issued ID.

Profile Photo

  • Profile photos must clearly show the face of the person signing up with no sunglasses, or other persons pictured in the photo.
  • No excessive filters or applied backgrounds.
  • Appear presentable as these will be photos will be used with customers and other Helpers.
  • Must be a different photo than the photo pictured on the driver's license.

Driver's License & Identification

  • The document must match the profile photo and details entered on the signup form.
  • The entire document must be visible, and cannot be altered in any way. 
  • Must be the front of the license.
  • Valid, and unexpired.
  • If you are signing up to become a Helper, a driver license must be submitted to operate your vehicle.

Other Forms of Identification

Hands can apply with a valid, unexpired government issued ID including but not limited to:

  • Driver's license
  • State identification card
  • U.S. Passport
  • Employment Authorization Document or Permanent Resident card
  • U.S. Visa


Note that a vehicle insurance policy is required to become a Helper, not a Hand. 

  • All information submitted on documents must match original signup information.
  • The vehicle must be clearly listed on the insurance policy and match vehicle information on the signup form.
  • Vehicle insurance must have a valid effective and / or expiration date on the policy.
  • Expired and / or temporary insurance policies will be rejected. 
  • If a vehicle insurance policy is listed under a business name, proof of ownership of the business is required. These documents must include the name of the individual signing up as an owner or insured.
    • See Business Ownership Documents below.

Business Ownership Documents

Individuals signing up that list a business name on a vehicle insurance policy, must provide a document showing business ownership. 

  • Documents must include the name of the business which must match information in the vehicle insurance policy. 
  • Documents must include the name of the individual signing up which must match the name on the signup form and identification document.
  • Documents must be issued from a State or Federal government entity.
  • Internal company memos will not be accepted.

Example of Business Ownership

IRS Employer Identification letter

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