All persons signing up to become a Helper, Hand, or Assistant must be processed through, and complete a background check prior to accessing Dolly's platform.

  • Background checks are conducted in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws.
  • Background checks are conducted to know who we are working with and uphold strict requirements with who can connect with customers, partners, and other Helpers.
  • Maintaining a safe platform for all members of Dolly's community is a priority. 

Screening Requirements 

  • Background checks are processed through a third-party provider, Checkr, after payment and consent are received for the service.
  • The cost of the background check fee is $30. We do not issue fee waivers, refunds, or reimbursements for background check fees. 
  • We are unable to accept background checks from other entities.
  • Background check requirements may vary from State to State and are based on the requirements of the jurisdiction as well as Dolly’s internal standards.
  • Background checks include a criminal history review. We make determinations on eligibility based on completed background checks. 

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

An MVR is for individuals signing up to become a Helper only, and must possess a valid, unexpired U.S. driver’s license. Learner’s permits, provisional licenses, temporary documents, or restricted driver’s licenses will not be approved.

Note: If you have been previously approved to become a Helper or Hand but have been inactive on Dolly’s platform for over a year, we require a new background check. 

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