Types of Apartment Moves

Whole Apartment Moves

  • Payout is determined by the size of the customer’s apartment (studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom).
  • Customers are not required to list most items on the Dolly, but are encouraged to take photos of the belongings they will be moving.
  • Major appliances and heavy exercise equipment must be listed on these Dollys, with a direct increase in Helper’s payout per item that will be moved.
  • Elevators and stairs are listed on the booking details.
  • Customers will have all items packed before arrival.
  • Basic disassembly and reassembly is required for items on apartment move Dollys.
    For example, if you disassemble a bed in location A, the bed must be reassembled exactly how you found in when you arrive at location B.

Just the Big Stuff Moves

  • Payout is determined by the quantity and type of items that are being moved.
  • All bed frames listed will be disassembled (and reassembled).
  • Customers are encouraged to take photos of the belongings they will be moving.

Expectations of Helpers who accept Apartment Moves

  • Make multiple trips if necessary to deliver all of the customer’s belongings. Multiple trips will be reflected in payout.
  • Bring moving blankets, tie-downs / straps, tarps, and appropriate moving carts / Dollys to each move.
  • Bring a basic toolkit for light disassembly (and reassembly) of bed frames and certain pieces of furniture to ensure safe and efficient moves. Refer to Assembly & Reassembly 101 for more information on disassembly.
  • Answer customer’s questions regarding your services prior to the move date.
  • Ask customers, if necessary, for photos or additional information in order to be prepared.
  • Contact Dolly Support prior to starting the Dolly to handle adjusting the number or stairs, size of the apartment and the addition of major appliances/exercise equipment not listed on the booking. The customer will be charged and your pay will be updated during the process if the customer accepts the adjustment after Support is contacted via phone.
  • Helpers must initiate this process by calling Dolly Support, it is not the customer’s responsibility.

Do not do the following:

  • Argue with the customer. Refer to this document and the customer facing FAQs while attempting to de-escalate negative situations. Reach out to Dolly Support if necessary.
  • Hoist couches or other large items through windows / balconies.
  • Remove doors from hinges or remove door frames to transport items. If items cannot be broken down to fit, they will not be transported.
  • Disconnect / install any appliances or disassemble exercise equipment. Customers are responsible for ensuring this is done by themselves or a professional.

Failure to meet these expectations can and will result in removal from the Dolly Platform.

If you have any questions or feedback about Apartment Moves

please reach out to the Helper Team.

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