Dolly offers haul away service on certain Dollys, and only in specific markets. When Helpers & Hands are scheduled on a haul away Dolly or to complete a haul away service, an itemized receipt for recycling or dump fees must be presented for reimbursement within the timeframe.


  • All dump fee receipts must be submitted within 24-hours of Dolly completion.
  • Dump fee receipts can be uploaded in the Helper app before the Dolly is completed.
  • If the Dolly has already been completed in the app, contact Support by submitting an email with the photo, Dolly number, and details of the request.
  • Dump fee receipts must be itemized and legible to provide a copy to the customer if needed.
  • All dump fee receipts are subject to approval by Dolly Support.
  • Receipts where cash was paid must list specific weight or items, and specifically confirm that cash was received.

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