What is Delivery Mode?

Delivery Mode is a new feature that ensures more accurate real-time updates are sent to the store and the customer! Instead of simply putting the Dolly "in-progress", you will notify the store and customer every step of the way.


What do these deliveries look like?

These deliveries have a blue ribbon indicating Delivery Mode is turned on. 

Delivery Mode involves additional steps on the app while performing the Dolly. These steps make it easy for the store and customer to know the current status of the delivery!


2 Helper Delivery

ALL Delivery Model Dollys require 2 Helpers. (Team: Lead and Assistant)

You must bring an approved Assistant to each delivery. The items may end up being small enough for one Helper, but because larger items may be included in the delivery, each will require the presence of an Assistant.  This will be the only option within the app.


Pick up Time

30 minute windows don’t apply with Delivery Mode deliveries, so you must arrive at the store by the time displayed on the Dolly to avoid any action taken against your account.

To provide the best experience possible, aim to arrive at the store 5-10 minutes early.


Item Details

Exact product details will often not be available, but general dimensions in feet and estimated weight will be displayed. Expect a variety of household goods and furniture to be included in each delivery.


Each order will have at least 1 large item so please bring a Dolly, moving blanket, tarp, and ramp to help ensure larger items will not be damaged during loading or unloading.


Requesting a Delivery Mode Delivery

Unlike other Dollys, you will not need to select a window of time or who you will work with (remember, these are only available for Teams so you’ll be bringing your Assistant!).

You will simply select the vehicle you will be using and confirm your request.


After submitting your request

 You will be promptly notified if you are scheduled on the delivery or not.

 If you are scheduled, the Dolly will appear in your "Scheduled" Tab and you see an alert in the top left corner in the app.


Starting the Dolly

Start the Dolly as soon as you start driving to the pick-up Location listed in the Dolly Details. 

Starting the Dolly on time will ensure your progress is properly recorded.


Driving to store

Once you arrive at the store, tap "Confirm arrival" to let the customer know you have made it to the store.


Picking up items

The next step is confirming the pickup once you have arrived at the store in the reserved pickup stop and have the items in hand.



Driving to dropoff

Once you have arrived at the customer's address, tap “Confirm arrival” to let the customer know you are there.


If you have trouble finding the address or need help gaining building access, tap “Call customer” to ask them for help.


Proof of Delivery

With all Delivery Mode deliveries, You will be required to submit a photo of the delivered items or obtain a signature from the customer. This  requirement is shown in the Dolly details.


Dropping off items - Capture Signature

Bring the items to the customer's doorstep. If you are having issues dropping off the items you can call the customer from this screen. If you cannot reach the customer and get their signature, select "Customer not home" to capture a photo instead.





Dropping off Items - Capture Photo
If the instructions say to leave the items on the doorstep, select Capture Photo and take a photo of all the items at the doorstep. 



Completing the Dolly

Once you have submitted proof of the delivery (signature), you can confirm your earnings and close out the Dolly. Check your Dolly History to track earnings later. 

Tips may be added for up to two weeks.



Reporting Damage

If any Damage is observed while the Dolly is in progress, please use the “Report Damage” option available in the top right corner menu, this will generate an email to our support team. 


Relisting a Delivery Mode Dolly

If you are scheduled on a Delivery Mode Dolly and you are unable to make the schedule pickup time for ANY reason, you MUST relist the Dolly so the Dolly can work to find a Helper who can fulfill the delivery. Failure to relist in a Timely manner will result in exclusion from future Delivery Mode Dollys.


Contacting Support on a Delivery Mode Delivery

If you are having trouble on a Delivery Mode delivery please contact support through the app! Dolly will have a dedicated phone line for assistance on these Deliveries.

Phone number for Helper Support is: (252) 618-8944.



Delivery Mode Helper Payments

Payment amounts will be displayed in your Dolly History on the app and in the alerts section of the app as well. You will not be emailed payment amounts for each Dolly. These Dollys will be paid out on the same schedule as other Dollys. More detail on our pay process can be found in our Payments 101 article linked here.


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