Safety and Helper experience are Dolly's priority. A signed Dolly Helper agreement is required by all individuals signing up on Dolly's platform. As laid out in the Helper agreement, not upholding certain expectations may lead to penalties, account suspension and / or deactivation from the platform. This article explains these expectations and what the repercussions may follow for not upholding standards.

General Expectations

The standards and expectations we have in place for new and active Helpers & Hands apply on an ongoing basis. These include:

  • Maintaining appropriate vehicle insurance coverage (Helpers only)
  • Maintaining a vehicle in good condition that reflects positively on you and Dolly (e.g. free of rust, graffiti, etc.) (Helpers only)
  • Maintaining a valid driver's license (Helpers only)
  • Ensuring you have appropriate licensing, operating permits, bonds, insurance or other necessary requirements to adhere to local laws, rules, and regulations (Helpers & Hands)

Failure to adhere to general expectations listed above may lead to additional action on your account. Should you be found not adhering to any of these expectations, as well as unable to rectify them in a timely manner, your account will be deactivated. 

Violations & Suspension Policy

Violation 1st Occurrence 2nd Occurrence 3rd Occurrence
Adjustment abuse Warning 7 Day Suspension Deactivation
Asking customer to cancel
Attempt to OR changing the start time
Unapproved vehicle
Failure to complete OR start / stop a Dolly
Gaming the system
Price haggling
Inappropriate behavior*
No-show & Assistant no-shows
Going off platform Deactivation
Unapproved person or minor
Drug or alcohol use on a Dolly Deactivation

* Conduct that a reasonable person would find physically threatening, discriminatory, highly offensive, or harassing, may be grounds for immediate suspension or deactivation

Breach to Helper Agreement Definitions

Adjustment abuse: Engaging in the manipulation or frequent, unjustified requests for price adjustments during or after a Dolly's completion, undermining our commitment to fair and transparent pricing.

Asking a customer to cancel: Pressuring or persuading customers to cancel their bookings to avoid relisting a Dolly.

Attempt to change OR changing the start time: Asking, pressuring, or persuading customers to change the agreed-upon start time in order to find a time or date that is better suited for your schedule OR to relist a Dolly without penalty.

Unapproved vehicle: Utilizing a vehicle or trailer to complete Dollys that have not been approved by Dolly.

Failure to complete OR start / stop a Dolly: Failing to complete a Dolly OR starting / stopping a Dolly without full completion.

Gaming the system: Exploiting loopholes or manipulating Dolly's policies for personal gain, financial gain, and undermining the fairness and efficiency of the marketplace.

Price haggling: Engaging in unauthorized negotiation over price with customers, violating Dolly's pricing and payouts policy and trust with customers.

Inappropriate behavior: Displaying conduct that is disrespectful, threatening, discriminatory, or unprofessional towards customers, other contractors, or the Dolly support team.

No-show & Assistant no-show: Failing to appear or arrive for a scheduled Dolly, or having an Assistant fail to appear.

Going off platform: Encouraging or conducting transactions outside the Dolly platform compromising protection for yourself and customers alike. Included in this is requesting cash tips or payments or providing personal contact information to a customer (except solely to allow you to complete a Dolly that you are assigned to).

Unapproved person or minor: Utilizing an unauthorized or unscheduled person(s) or minor(s) who is not vetted or approved to complete a Dolly and / or onsite a job location. All individuals must be over the age of 18, have signed up, be processed through a background check, become approved through onboarding, and be scheduled in order to complete Dollys and / or be onsite.

Dispatching: Assigning Dollys to others without our authorization, or allowing other persons to complete a Dolly without being scheduled.

Drug or alcohol use on a Dolly: Consuming drugs or alcohol prior to or during a Dolly, compromising safety, professionalism, and service quality.


Disputing a Suspension or Deactivation

In the event you disagree with a warning, account suspension, or deactivation notice, you can request a dispute within 24-48 hours of receiving the notice. We require all disputes to be documented in writing; please reply to the notice directly.

Relist Penalties

Repeat relists are the only type of breach to the Helper agreement that can carry a financial penalty. For information on Relist Penalties, refer to our Relist Penalties article.


Helpers & Hands must wait 15 minutes after the scheduled time block for a Customer. The waiting period can total up to 45 minutes. After the 45 minute period ends, Helpers & Hands can contact Dolly Support for next steps. 

For example, if you arrive at 10:30AM for a Dolly that is scheduled for 10-11AM, you are expected to wait until at least 11:15AM before contacting Dolly support and leaving. The same expectations are in place for customers.

Additionally, at location B, or drop off, if you arrive and the Customer is not present, you must wait a minimum of 30 minutes before proceeding to contact Dolly support.

Our lateness policy and potential recourses are listed below:

Number of Dollys Completed in last 90 Days 1-50 51-150 151+
1st Lateness Warning
2nd Lateness 2nd Warning
3rd Lateness 7 Day Suspension 3 Day Suspension
4th Lateness 14 Day Suspension 7 Day Suspension
5th Lateness Deactivation 14 Day Suspension
6th Lateness   Deactivation 28 Day Suspension
7th Lateness     Deactivation


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