Still looking for assistance? See the answers to Customer's FAQs. Still looking for assistance? See the answers to Customer's FAQs.

Still looking for assistance? See the answers to Customer's FAQs.


City of Seattle - Temporary Suspension of Services

Due to recently passed city ordinances, Dolly has paused all Dolly services within the City of Seattle. This temporary suspension will allow Dolly time to put new systems in place so that Dolly can better service Helpers and continue providing an exceptional Customer experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will Dolly service the city again?
    • We hope to resume services in February. 
  • Can I book a Dolly to or from a Seattle address?
    • No, at this time Dolly cannot perform ANY services within the city of Seattle.
  • Can I book a Dolly near Seattle, with no locations having a Seattle address?
    • Yes, Store Deliveries and In-Home Moves (move a few items / labor only) Dollys can be booked within Washington state as long as no locations are within the City of Seattle.

Why was I charged twice for my Dolly?

When you book a Dolly, a hold is placed on your card for the full amount of the Dolly. After the Dolly has been completed, your card is charged for the Dolly. Depending on how long it takes for your bank to remove the hold, it may temporarily appear that you have two charges on your account. The time it takes for the hold to disappear on your account depends entirely on your bank. Most banks take an average of 1-3 business days to remove the hold. Unfortunately, we are unable to remove this hold sooner.


What is the service fee for in my quote / on my receipt?

The service fee supports Dolly's systems and infrastructure, including a broad spectrum of operating costs and safety measures including federally mandated Helper insurance and background checks.


Multiple Locations

You can add up to four locations on all Dollys except for Apartment Moves (Whole Apartment Moves and Just the Big Stuff). Multiple locations are excluded from Apartment Moves due to special Apartment Move pricing.


Do I need to be at all locations of My Dolly?

If you are not going to be at one or more locations, please include details for your Helper(s) on who they should contact with questions on-site. There will need to be an individual at the pick-up, drop-off location and/or on site of your apartment move. For Store Delivery Dollys, you simply include a photo of your receipt if you will not be at the pickup location.


Requesting Specific Helpers

Unfortunately, Dolly does not have the ability to assign specific Helpers to your Dolly, as each Helper makes their own schedule and chooses the Dollys they work.


More than 2 Helpers

Unfortunately, Dolly does not have the ability to provide more than two Helpers. Please do not create multiple Dollys for the same delivery in attempt to secure additional Helpers.


Severe Weather

Our Helpers are used to a little bit of rain, but extreme weather--like a snowstorm, hurricane, or extreme heat wave--is a fair cause for concern. If severe weather is forecasted during the time of your Dolly, we recommend contacting your Helper(s) to discuss rescheduling. Ideally, you can reschedule your Dolly with the same Helper for a different time, but if that is unavailable, the Helper(s) can remove themselves from the Dolly, and Dolly will find a new Helper at your newly scheduled time.


Packing Services

Helpers will not assist in packing your belongings. It is expected that you will have everything packed and ready for transport before your Helper(s) arrives. Helpers do not bring item wrap, but will bring moving blankets and necessary tarps/tie downs to protect your belongings.


Appliance Installation

Dolly does not offer installation or removal of any appliances. Dolly will also not hook appliances up to, or remove from, water or gas lines. Additionally, Dolly does not mount televisions.

For these services, it is recommended contacting a home installation professional. 


TV Mounting / Dismounting

Dolly does not offer installation or mounting or dismounting of televisions. For these services, it is recommended contacting a home installation professional. 


Labor Only Timeblock 

Once your Dolly has started, you will not be able to reduce the duration of a Labor Only Timeblock Dolly for which you've booked a number of hours. This is so the Helpers are fairly compensated for the time they have dedicated to your move.


Disposal Services / Fees

Dolly can haul away your unwanted furniture and oversized items. You can book this as a standalone service, or on top of another Dolly service (e.g. after getting a couch delivered from a store, get your old couch taken to the dump). In some cities, disposal facilities impose a fee for disposing of items. If this is the case for your Dolly, Helpers will pay the cost out of pocket, then upload a receipt of the charge to your Dolly details. The cost of that charge will be added to your total for the Dolly. If you don't see the option to add haul-away, Dolly  may be unable to do so due to no dump existing within reasonable driving distance.  Please make sure that the disposal facility selected is open during the time that your Dolly is scheduled for to avoid overnight holding fees. Additionally, Dolly is unable to take loose items (i.e. yard waste) unless it is  bagged or boxed. Dolly is also unable to dispose of hazardous materials including pest infested items.



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