Need assistance creating a Dolly? Learn the ins and outs of booking a Dolly. Assistance every step of the way. Need assistance creating a Dolly? Learn the ins and outs of booking a Dolly. Assistance every step of the way.

Need assistance creating a Dolly? Learn the ins and outs of booking a Dolly. Assistance every step of the way.


Creating a Dolly

To book a dolly, download the Dolly app or visit to get started. You’ll be prompted to tell us what you’re moving, where you’re moving it, and when you’d like it moved. After we receive those key details, you will receive a guaranteed price and will have the option to book your Dolly.


Standard vs. No Contact Service

With standard service, your Helper(s) will pick up and place your items from and to a room of your choosing. This is our most popular service level.

No Contact Service allows for lower interactions. If you choose No Contact Service, your Helper(s) will not enter your home. They will pick up and drop off your items as close to your front door as possible (if your drop-off location is in an apartment building, they will bring items inside the building to your floor and leave them outside your door). 


Multiple Locations

You can add up to four locations on all Dollys except for Apartment Moves (Whole Apartment Moves and Just the Big Stuff). Multiple locations are excluded from Apartment Moves due to special Apartment Move pricing.


Do I need to be at all locations of My Dolly?

If you are not going to be at one or more locations, please include details for your Helper(s) on who they should contact with questions on-site. There will need to be an individual at the pick-up, drop-off location and/or on site of your apartment move. For Store Delivery Dollys, you simply include a photo of your receipt if you will not be at the pickup location.


Flights of Stairs

Anything six steps or over counts as a flight of stairs, up to twelve steps. More generally, in a standard apartment building, each floor counts as another flight of stairs. If the item you are moving is going via stairs to the third floor of the building, you will want to indicate that there are two flights of stairs. A landing in between floors does not count as two flights, even if both stair sections have 6 or more steps. If you have 6 or more steps going from the ground to the entrance of your building or residence, that counts as a flight of stairs.


Vehicle Type

Based on availability, you may request a specific type of vehicle (a pickup truck, cargo van or box truck). Vehicle eligibility will present itself during booking when you are selecting the number of Helper(s) for your Dolly. A cargo van or box truck is always covered. Please keep in mind that Helpers utilize their own vehicles, all with slight dimension differences. If you have specific questions, you will need to ask your matched Helper.

Approximate Vehicle Compartment Size

Pickup Truck: 5.5-8 feet long, 4.5-5.5 feet wide

Cargo Van: 8-12 feet long, 4-6 feet wide, 4-6 feet tall

Box Truck: 10-20 feet long, 6-8 feet wide, 6-8 feet tall

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Helper Count

When booking a Dolly, you can request two Helpers, one Helper, or 1 Helper + you. Dolly does not currently have the ability to provide more than two Helpers. The 1 Helper + You option is perfect when you are  able to help with the lifting, but need an extra set of hands. If you select this option, one Helper and a truck will come for your Dolly, with the expectation that you (or an additional person you provide) will help with the lifting. Do not choose 1 Helper + You if you are unable to assist with heavy lifting.


Flexible Start Time

If you select a flexible time window (a time period greater than 30 minutes) for your Dolly start time, we'll look for Helper(s) available anytime in that period. The Helper(s) that select the Dolly will select it at a specific time within that window, so your Dolly may not necessarily start at the first time period you selected for your flexible time window.  To select a flexible time window, simply select a Latest Start Time that is more than 30 minutes after your Earliest Start Time.



Assembly is available as a complimentary service for Store Delivery Dollys when selected at booking. 


Item Limit in Booking

You may add as many items as you need. If enough items are added, multiple trips may be necessary at no additional charge.


Determining Sizes of Boxes/Bags

You can use this item size guide to determine the size of your bag or box. 



Whole Apartment Moves

Helpers are only able to move appliances and exercise equipment if listed on the Dolly during the booking process or added prior to the day of your move. Helpers are not able to disconnect/install any connections attached to your appliances for liability reasons, this must be done prior to your Helper’s arrival. Any unlisted appliances or pieces of exercise equipment will not be moved. Helpers are also unable to breakdown any pieces of exercise equipment for the purpose of transportation.


Labor Only Time Block

Once your Dolly has started, you will not be able to reduce the duration of a Labor Only Timeblock Dolly for which you've booked a number of hours. This is so the Helpers are fairly compensated for the time they have dedicated to your move.


Disposal Services / Fees

Dolly can haul away your unwanted furniture and oversized items. You can book this as a standalone service, or on top of another Dolly service (e.g. after getting a couch delivered from a store, get your old couch taken to the dump). In some cities, disposal facilities impose a fee for disposing of items. If this is the case for your Dolly, Helpers will pay the cost out of pocket, then upload a receipt of the charge to your Dolly details. The cost of that charge will be added to your total for the Dolly. If you don't see the option to add haul-away, Dolly may be unable to do so due to no dump existing within reasonable driving distance.  Please make sure that the disposal facility selected is open during the time that your Dolly is scheduled for to avoid overnight holding fees. Additionally, Dolly is unable to take loose items (i.e. yard waste) unless it is bagged or boxed. Dolly is also unable to dispose of hazardous materials including pest infested items.


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