What can Dolly do? Learn more about Dolly's service offerings and what Dolly can and cannot do. What can Dolly do? Learn more about Dolly's service offerings and what Dolly can and cannot do.

What can Dolly do? Learn more about Dolly's service offerings and what Dolly can and cannot do.


What Dolly Can Do

Dolly connects you with local truck owners who are ready to help with your moving, delivery, and hauling needs. Here are some of the most frequent ways Customers use Dolly:

  • Apartment Moves (Whole Apartments!)
  • Retail Store Delivery
  • Facebook Marketplace Delivery
  • Small Moves
  • Labor Only Moves
  • Donation / Disposal Drop Off

Learn more about our service offerings here


Dolly is Experts at Moving

For most Dollys, Dolly will connect you with two Helpers and a truck to get the job done. To determine if an item is able to be moved by Dolly, we typically ask: can this reasonably be moved by two strong people? If the answer is yes, we can (almost always) get the job done.  

However, here are some specifics thing we do move to help you see if your item can be moved by Dolly:

  • Most “normal” furniture, including larger furniture pieces like kitchen tables, king-sized beds, sectional sofas, etc. 
  • Items that fit in the back of a standard pickup truck.
  • Items under 300 pounds
  • Items that reasonably fit through doorways and hallways.
  • Oversized items that can be broken down for moving.


Items Dolly is Unable to Move

There are some items that Dolly is unable to move, due to liability, size or associated risk. These out of scope items are listed below.

  • Items over 300lbs
    • Common items over 300lbs: Hot Tubs, Pianos, Vending Machines and Industrial Appliances.
  • Oversized Items
    • Items that do not fit through doors or passageways, even after minor breakdown. Dolly is unable to remove doors, including building and refrigerator doors. 
  • Hazardous / Dangerous Items
    • Animals / Pets
    • Biological / Food Waste
    • Pest Infested Items (bed bugs, lice...)
    • Items in Unsanitary Conditions (flooding, food waste...)
    • Flammable, Combustible or Controlled Liquids / Gasses
    • Medical Equipment (hospital beds, medical procedure equipment...)
    • Gas or Electric Powered Vehicles (lawn mowers, motorcycles, utvs...) 

Services Dolly is Unable to Provide

There are some services and processes that Dolly is unable to provide due to liability or associated risk. The following processes are not available or allowed during Dolly moves. 

  • Assembly of items that is not requested/specified ahead of time.
  • Assembly of appliances, cribs and trampolines
  • Connecting or disconnecting appliances from gas, water or electrical connections. This includes but is not limited to washers, dryers, refrigerators, drainage and gas/electrical connections.
  • Moving items that need to be hoisted over a balcony in order to be moved.
  • Mounting and dismounting of TVs or monitors. Please seek assistance from installation professionals for these services. 
  • Packing of belongings. It is expected that all belongings are packed and ready for transport before the Helper(s) arrive.

Please note that the Helper/Hands have the autonomy to cancel the job if it is deemed out of scope once they are there and you will receive a cancellation fee for asking a Helper to move or assist with a process that is knowingly out of Dolly’s scope.  

Additionally, requesting a Helper or Hands to complete these tasks will not be covered under Dolly’s damage protection policy.


Will I be charged if something is out of scope and the Helpers are unable to complete the job?
It is the Customer’s responsibility to not book something that is out of scope and thus will be charged even if the move is not completed in its entirety.


What happens if my item doesn't fit into my home?

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that each item delivered will fit into their home. Please make appropriate measurements of all doorways, hallways, and other spaces in the delivery path to ensure the items will fit before booking a Dolly.  In the event the item cannot be safely moved, the Helper can leave the item outside the home or return it to the pickup location for an additional fee. For safety reasons, Helpers will not hoist items over balconies or stair railings.


Long Distance Moving

At this time, Dolly does not offer cross-country moving services, only services within a particular service area. We do offer moving services between some cities that are nearby each other, including:

  • Austin and San Antonio
  • Baltimore and Washington D.C.
  • Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • New Haven and Hartford

If you are moving from one Dolly service area to another, you’re welcome to book Dollys for labor only assistance at both locations.

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